Good News: Purpose and Profit can coexist. 
I believe that your Purpose lies where your greatest Passion intersects with someone else’s greatest need. I will help you discover how to:
    » Find your passion                             
           » Turn it into a Rich Life                             
                      » Live beyond society's status quo                      
Are you still not sure what to do with your "passion"?

My generation has been fed the Kool-aid of society that says “Find a safe, secure job. Play by the rules. Get a pension. Retire in the suburbs.” 

Honestly, you know what i think? We think differently than those guys. We want to make a difference; we want to live with purpose. But in the rat-race of young-adulthood, the things that light our fire get moved to the back burner. 

But what if we didn't wait?

Doing things NOW that we are passionate about can open up opportunities to do things that you are passionate about in the future. 

Living with the mentality of “I’ll do what I have to do now so one day I’ll be able to what I really want to do” is detrimental.

It’s likely that you will never reach that perfect time to make the move, and when you do make the move you might not have relevant skills and experiences to execute your passion well.

It's time to!

Ok. But...
Can really I turn my passion into a Rich - meaningful and sustainable - Life?

This question snares many people who are stuck in cubicles and behind counters, separating their passions and their occupations like the figurative church and state.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY....if:

1) You Hustle your tail off

Hustle means you GO. You don’t take no for an answer. 

You don’t get discourage when things don’t go your way.

It means making things happen.
It means doing things with excellence, and constantly learning. 
It means taking care of yourself.
It means creating new and better ways to get stuff done.
It means going the extra mile.

2) You take your Personal Finances seriously

Im about to say a few things that would traditionally get me hung in the town square at high noon. Here goes:
A) Your budget sucks [And likely isn’t working]
B) Paying with cash and debit cards is costing you LOTS of benefits
C) There are things that you should prioritize over Savings
"TO THE GALLOWS!" cry the scoffers. 
But seriously, much of what we believe as common Personal Finance best practice is FOLKLORE.
We focus on the wrong things.
We are the financial equivalent of a man who wants to lose 50 pounds, but instead of going to the gym and practicing a healthy lifestyle, he switches to Diet Coca Cola - in lue of regular.
The Diet beverage is helpful, and may even help him lose some lbs, but he has successfully missed the point, right?
Just like anything else in life, you would never spend 80% of your time practicing something that represents only 20% of the change you want to see.
Yet we continue scraping pennies, cancelling our latte orders, and trying not to look at the appetizer menu at dinner. But we forget about using the right type of accounts, creating actionable financial disciplines, and making sure that we aren’t being ripped off in important areas.
We can’t keep crossing our fingers and hoping our undisciplined and unorganized shots in the dark at financial "weight loss" will change something.
We have to do focus on the game-changers - not just line-item maintence.
I will share with you [from my personal and learned experiences] what the game-changers are, and show you how to implement them into your life.
So, let's get our shtuff in order.
Never stop learning!

Not long ago, I heard Tim Ferriss say "In your 20s, optimize for learning, not earning. Work directly under or with master dealmakers, and acquire skills...the only true job security is a superior skill set."

I heard a long time ago that “your 20s are for learning, your 30s are for earning.” To be honest with you, my overconfident, gung-ho 20 year-old-self replied “who says you can’t do both in your 20s…I’m too smart not to do both.”

While I still have a lot of runway before 30 arrives, I have a feeling the older and wiser guys will win out on this one.

There’s always the Air BnB’s and genius app developers of the world who make millions before they hit puberty, but most us are in this for the long haul…and that’s ok.

Since I graduated from undergrad I’ve been living my life 6 months at a time. I completed graduate school last September and decided to take a job at a startup company for about 1/8 of my “market value” in the U.S.

I did this because I valued the hands-on learning experience as somewhat of a real-life MBA, and it has led me to discover things about myself and my career that the money never would have!

You don't have to live the way everyone expects you to live. 

Ready to get started?

Join me in my journey to help the high-acheivers and highly-talented live a Purposeful and Profitable life. The Heart Meets Hustle community needs you. 

Jump in now to see what it's all about!